AmeriSpec de la Capitale

AmeriSpec Named #1 Best Inspection Company by Forbes Advisor and Bob Vila™

AmeriSpec de la Capitale

AmeriSpec de la Capitale has been offering a pre-purchase and pre-acceptance home inspection service for home buyers and sellers as well as real estate brokers since 2003. In addition, it serves the following regions:  Lac-Saint-Charles, Charlesbourg, Beauport, Île d'Orléans, Château-Richer, Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré, Quebec City, Saint-Emile, Sillery, Loretteville, Val-Belair, Lac-Saint-Charles, Charny, Saint-Nicolas, L'Ancienne -Lorette, Saint-Jean-Chrysostome, Saint-Romuald, Lévis, Neuville, St-Lambert de Lauzon, Tewksbury, Pont-Rouge, Donnacona. .

When you decide to do business with AmeriSpec, Canada's largest home inspection company, rest assured that we will provide you with the peace of mind you expect.

Why do buyers choose AmeriSpec Home Inspection Service?

When a buyer wishes to acquire a property, he wants to do business with one of the best home inspectors in the industry, who can provide him with a professional, accurate home inspection report as quickly as possible. A home inspection is used to inform buyers about the interior and exterior components of a property as well as the improvements to be made in order to optimize the main systems of the latter.

A comprehensive home inspection provides the following benefits:

  • Provides peace of mind knowing you've made an informed purchasing decision
  • Informs you about potential investments or repairs to be made before buying the coveted house
  • Provides you with important information on the main aspects of the house
  • Reduces the risk of the unexpected when you are settled into your new home.

Why do sellers choose AmeriSpec Home Inspection Service?

Capitalize on the strengths of your property, while having time to correct the shortcomings, by carrying out a home inspection with AmeriSpec, before it goes on sale. Thus, when you put it up for sale, you will have made the necessary improvements or repairs so that your house is in excellent condition and can benefit from the best possible resale value!

What are the advantages of having a complete home inspection before putting your property up for sale?

  • Provide peace of mind to buyers and sellers by informing them of the real condition of the home
  • Allow you to carry out the repairs or improvements required so that they do not hinder the conclusion of the sale of the house or that they do not contribute to a reduction in the sale price during the negotiation process
  • Reduce the risk of unforeseen events that could delay or compromise the transaction

Why Do Realtors Choose AmeriSpec Home Inspection Service?

An AmeriSpec home inspection not only provides important information about the condition of the property, but it also allows you and your clients to complete a smooth real estate transaction.

Additionally, an AmeriSpec home inspection offers many benefits to real estate brokers, including:

  • Sales increase
  • Facilitated negotiations
  • Shorter lead times
  • Reduced potential disputes
  • Excellent reputation and credibility
  • Fewer buyer regrets and worries

AmeriSpec Home Inspection

The AmeriSpec Gatineau Home Inspection Service is a franchise that is part of the beautiful and large AmeriSpec family in Canada. The AmeriSpec Home Inspection includes a visual examination of over 400 components, including the roof, structural elements, foundation, visible plumbing, and mechanical and electrical systems of a property.


Service areas

  • Quebec
  • Potneuf
  • Wendake
  • St-Joachim-de-Montmorency
  • Beaupre
  • Charteau-Richer
  • Grondines
  • L'ieslet
  • Lac-Etchemin
  • Beaumont
  • La Durantaye
  • Satondon
  • Saint-Philemon
  • Sainte-Perpetue-de-l'islet
  • Launerville
  • Joly
  • Lotbiniere
  • Sainte-Francoise-de-Lotbiniere
  • Saint-Edouard-de-Lotminiere
  • Sainte-Henedine