We’ve got you covered with EnerGuide ratings for homeowners, home sellers, homebuyers and builders.

AmeriSpec specializes in helping you realize the cost savings and other wide-ranging benefits of home energy efficiency. Our registered Energy Advisors take an easy to understand, step by step approach to identifying energy saving opportunities and optimizing your energy usage.

Trained and licensed by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) to provide EnerGuide ratings for homeowners, home sellers and homebuyers on existing homes, and EnerGuide labels and ENERGY STAR® certifications for home builders, AmeriSpec’s experts provide confidence with full attic to basement energy assessments.

How EnerGuide and ENERGY STAR® Work An EnerGuide rating demonstrates the energy performance of a home. The EnerGuide label shows how much energy a product uses compared to similar models. ENERGY STAR® is an international program that certifies and labels products on the market that use less energy and help consumers save on costs.

EnerGuide for Homeowners, Home Sellers, Homebuyers and Builders AmeriSpec’s EnerGuide Home Energy Evaluations could save you thousands of dollars on utilities in your existing home and help you do your part in protecting the environment. Our experienced Energy Advisors will identify major areas of energy use and waste. For new homes, having an experienced Energy Advisor review building plans can help ensure homes start saving energy from day one.

Benefits Here are the potential key benefits of an AmeriSpec energy evaluation for homeowners, home sellers and homebuyers:

  • Reduces high energy bills
  • Increases your home’s resale value
  • Eliminates uncomfortable or drafty areas in your home
  • Realizes energy savings in planned renovations or upgrades
  • Reduces your carbon footprint


AmeriSpec’s Energy Advisors, and their in-depth EnerGuide Energy Efficiency Evaluations, offer this easy to understand five step approach:

  1. Break down the amount of energy your home uses for heating, lighting and appliances
  2. Estimate your home’s annual energy usage for electricity, gas or oil
  3. Explain the rating system
  4. Rate your home based on their findings
  5. Recommend areas where your home’s EnerGuide rating and its efficiency can be improved

EnerGuide and ENERGY STAR® for Home Builders

AmeriSpec’s registered residential Energy Advisors examine the architectural plans for new home construction on behalf of some of Canada’s leading home builders. These assessments prove invaluable for builders looking to improve energy efficiency, air quality, comfort, the lifespan of the home, and to reduce their corporate carbon footprint.

Our expert Energy Advisors determine how energy-efficient new home plans are and how the home compares to those built to the National Building Code. For example, the difference will be on the label if a home goes beyond what’s required for building envelope insulation and heating equipment efficiencies. In some markets, AmeriSpec Energy Advisors certify eligible homes as ENERGY STAR® rated. This helps maximize sales value by appealing to buyers who want more durable and comfortable homes with reduced utility and maintenance costs.

About AmeriSpec as a Service Organization

AmeriSpec has been a NRCan licensed Service Organization (SO) since 2001, providing EnerGuide ratings for homeowners, home sellers and homebuyers, and EnerGuide labels and ENERGY STAR® certifications for homebuilders. Our registered Energy Advisors are licensed with the department and held to the highest quality assurance and customer service standards.

Apply for Gas and Electrical Utilities Incentives and Grants

AmeriSpec’s registered Home Energy Advisors can help you apply for the Canada Greener Homes Grant and the Canada Greener Homes Loan as well as your Province’s gas and electrical utilities’ incentives and grants. This is a common sense, cost effective way to help determine if you could qualify for money to improve your home or build a more energy efficient one.

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