What is a water analysis?


The quality of your water is very important to you and your family. AmeriSpec offers the service of analyzing your home's water for the presence of contaminants and pollutants, such as chlorine, lead and coliform bacteria. Such an evaluation can also reveal pH imbalances and other factors to ensure that your home's water is safe for consumption and daily use. Note that water quality testing is often one of the requirements for obtaining a mortgage.

Depending on the type of analysis chosen, the results could reveal the following disorders:
  • Harmful levels of bacteria - coliforms
  • Mineral contaminants, such as iron and arsenic
  • Heavy metal contamination, including lead
  • High levels of nitrates, including fertilizers seeping into the water table
AmeriSpec home inspectors can provide you with a sample to evaluate water quality during a regular home inspection.
Identify the problem as soon as it occurs

Be on the lookout for any unusual odors, tastes or hues on clothing, appliances or fixtures, as these can be signs of potential problems in your water.


Your family deserves clean, pure water.

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