What is a sewer and drain camera inspection?

Sewer and French drain problems are more than just common inconveniences for homeowners; they can cause significant damage if left unresolved. Older methods of detecting these problems could rely heavily on opinion, incur excessive costs and take a long time. All this is about to change, thanks to AmeriSpec's camera inspection technology and its ability to deliver a state-of-the-art inspection experience.

A camera inspection is a process in which a qualified technician deploys a miniature camera to observe the condition of sewer and drainage pipes. The camera will transmit information to the technician so he can see if everything is working as expected and determine the next steps if a problem is detected.

Common problems can include iron ochre, cracks, tree roots, collapsed lines, plugs and lost personal items... and without the use of camera technology, all these problems can be difficult to assess and repair properly.

The benefits of Camera Drain Inspections

There are many other benefits that make camera drain inspections an invaluable part of your home maintenance plan:

Improved flexibility

  • Video technology can easily observe hard-to-reach areas

Recorded evidence

  • Everything the camera detects is documented for long-term maintenance strategies

Preserves infrastructure

  • Invasive procedures such as excavation are minimized

Superior information

  • Maintenance professionals can better assess problems using video technology imagery

Problem prevention

  • The overall simplicity of camera inspections means they can identify problems before they happen!

Schedule your camera drain inspection today and see the difference AmeriSpec can make!