Expert answers to your questions, as well as tips and valuable information on the following topics:



  • Asbestos → Info about asbestos and health considerations
  • Fire Safety → Tips on dryer vents, basement apartments and smoke detectors
  • HRV → Info on Heat and Energy Recovery Ventilation Systems
  • Mould → Factors affecting mould growth, terminology
  • Pests → Typical pests, health and safety, building damage
  • Renewable Energy → Information on what renewable energy is and implementation into the home
  • Smart Meters → Different power meters and how they save you money
  • UFFI → About Urea Formaldehyde Foam Insulation
  • Vermiculite → What it is and how to treat it
  • Radon → It’s the leading cause of lung cancer after smoking

Industry Topics

Major Systems

  • Electrical Capacity → Electrical requirements, ungrounded outlets, scorched wires
  • Furnace → Increasing efficiency, underground fuel oil storage tanks
  • Keeping Cool → Reducing temperature, central air conditioning, maintenance
  • Plumbing → Info on plastic and lead water distribution, galvanized distribution systems
  • Septic Tanks → Info on septic systems
  • Water Heaters → Info on conventional, tank less, solar and water heaters
  • Wood Burning Stoves → Info on features, installation, maintenance

The Building Envelope

  • Roofs → Info on life spans, layers of shingles, ice build-up
  • Chimney → Information on chimney types and their maintenance
  • Decks → Info on deck supports and building permits
  • Foundations → Understanding a Home’s structure before buying
  • Fuel → Fuel oil tank regulations, insurance issues
  • Pools → Various options and considerations for pools
  • Air Sealing → Common causes of high heating bills, drafts
  • Security Systems → Information on various security systems
  • Ventilation → Requirements, natural ventilation, mechanical types
  • Water Treatment → Information on types of water treatment systems
  • Water Quality →Information on water quality
  • Wet Basement → Unfinished basements, older homes, conflicting repair costs
  • Windows → Info on condensation, older wood windows, window types