With the winter season in full swing, there are several things in your home that should be maintained. Here are a couple things to keep on top of throughout the season.

  • Changing your appliance filters can help increase the airflow throughout your home. Your furnace and humidifier are examples of appliances with filters that should be examined and changed every couple months.
  • If you find yourself constantly cranking up the heat in your home, it could be an early indication that something isn't working properly and should be looked at before there is a larger and more expensive problem.
  • The registers in your home should be clear to allow airflow throughout the space. Make sure furniture and curtains aren’t in the way of the vents so that you aren’t wasting money and your home can feel warm around the clock.
  • Keep all pathways to your home, along with your driveway, shovelled and keep salt near your door so you can throw some down to avoid falls when the weather gets bad. Ensure you have floor mats in your hallway to avoid damage to your floors.
  • Check your batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors each month.
  • Make sure your dryer ductwork isn’t neglected in the winter. Lint buildup in your dryer exhaust is a fire risk and should be cleared at least a couple times a year. In addition, ensure your dryer is cleared of lint every time you add a new load of laundry!

Follow these tips in order to keep your house in its best shape, even when the weather gets frightful.