Get your fall home maintenance checklist in order this season

With winter just around the corner, it’s important that homeowners realize the damage that freezing temperatures, moisture, and ice can have on their homes. Staying on top of home maintenance is key, especially in the months leading up to winter. Now is the time of year where it’s still warm enough to get outside and complete important home improvements before it’s too late. Add these tasks to your fall home maintenance checklist and properly prepare your home for winter in order to avoid any expensive repairs.

Fall home maintenance for a home’s foundation – masonry – exterior

  • Check your home’s foundation including walls, floors, concrete, and masonry for any cracking, heaving, or deterioration
  • Inspect the home’s chimney for loose, deteriorated, or missing mortar
  • Examine the home’s eavestroughs and remove any debris
  • Fix cracks in your driveway and perform seasonal repairs to any concrete around the home
  • Complete any exterior painting or touch-ups before cold weather arrives
  • Test your snowblower to ensure it is in proper working order

Fall home maintenance tips for roofing

  • Inspect your roof’s flashing around all vents, skylights, and other openings
  • Trim back any tree limbs or vegetation that could fall and damage your home’s roof
  • Repair gutters and secure them before cold weather arrives
  • Consider hiring a home inspector to ensure your roof can withstand winter weather
  • Make an effort to ensure all gutters and downspouts are not blocked by leaves or debris

Fall home maintenance for doors and windows

  • Inspect windows and doors for missing glazing putty
  • Check for caulking deterioration on all openings and joints between wood and masonry
  • Ensure that weather-stripping is properly fitted and applied throughout the home
  • Properly clean window wells to remove moisture

Fall home maintenance tips for plumbing

  • Have well water tested and checked for safety
  • Winterize any exterior plumping connections including outdoor hoses and faucets
  • Ensure your sprinkler system is water-free to ensure pipes do not burst over the winter
  • Drain out any garden hoses
  • Close your water shut off valve and open your outside faucet to let out any remaining water

Fall home maintenance for heating and cooling of the home

  • Lubricate fans and motor bearings
  • Clean and maintain any radiator vents throughout the home
  • Inspect your attic to ensure that it is properly insulated
  • Check for proper fan belt tension
  • Install a digital thermostat
  • Examine the home’s shut-off valve for leaks
  • Replace your furnace filter

Protect your home with AmeriSpec

AmeriSpec can provide a professional home inspection to reveal the true condition of a home before fall home maintenance improvements take place. As North America’s leader in home inspections, let the professionals at AmeriSpec get to work so you can prepare for winter weather. When you need to take the next step, call our team at 866-284-6010.