A guide on sewer scope inspections for homeowners and realtors

Not only is your sewer line the largest drain in your home, but it can also be the biggest drain on your finances! Sewer and drain problems are frustrating since they lurk below the surface. Small issues can spiral quickly, causing significant damage to your home if left unaddressed and leaving homeowners with costly repairs. An AmeriSpec sewer scope inspection can get to the root of sewer line problems early on, saving buyers and sellers time and money. Take a closer look at what lies beneath your home and discover how a sewer scope inspection can save you from costly repairs.

What is a sewer scope inspection and why should I book one?

A sewer scope inspection can reveal whether a home’s sewer lines are in proper working order. By using a specialized sewer scope camera, home inspectors can take a close look at the pipeline that leads from the home to the city’s water system or septic tank. Routine sewer scope inspections can reveal blockages and pipe system damage that can be costly to repair if left unaddressed. Early detection of sewer issues can help save homeowners hundreds of dollars before further damage takes place.

Common problems identified by a sewer scope inspection

Sewer scope inspections can spot issues with a home’s sewer line such as:
  • Tree root infiltration causing blockages or cracks in a home’s sewer system
  • Offset or misaligned pipes
  • Broken, collapsed, or cracked pipes that must be replaced
  • Blockages caused by limescale or grease build-up
  • Pipe corrosion or deterioration
  • Sunken or “bellied pipe” sections that can disrupt the flow of the sewer system
  • Leaking joints from improper installation or deterioration over time
  • Damage caused by deck installations or other home renovations

How do trained technicians conduct a sewer scope inspection?

Here’s how trained technicians conduct sewer scope inspections: 
  • Inspectors first locate the best place to complete the inspection which is typically in a home’s basement
  • The pipe cap system is opened to allow access to the home’s sewer system
  • Inspectors feed a hose into the sewer line and gently turn on the home’s water supply
  • Retractable camera equipment is then pushed into the sewer line
  • The sewer inspection camera cable is fed into the pipe until it reaches the street’s sewer system
  • Inspectors assess obstructions throughout the sewer system, identifying issues as they go
  • The camera line is then carefully retracted and cleaned
  • Inspectors then seal the pipe cap and screw it back into place
  • Any issues or concerns are documented by home inspectors and delivered to homeowners or realtors in a sewer inspection report

Sewer scope inspections offered by AmeriSpec

AmeriSpec can provide sewer scope inspections to both homeowners and realtors, saving them both time and money. Buying a home is a huge investment and sewer scope inspections can identify common issues with a home’s sewer system before they grow into bigger and more costly problems. Keep your sewer line blockage free with a little help from AmeriSpec. To determine if your home has issues, find your local inspector, discover whether they offer sewer scope inspections, and book your home visit.