businessmen hold house model in hand
Spring is a very popular time for selling your home due to the spring weather creating better curb appeal. Since it’s a popular time for the real estate industry, that can mean more showings in your home when you’re trying to sell. Making sure your home show-ready can be a challenge for most people. Here are a few tips that can help keep you on track of having it picture perfect for potential buyers. It’s a good idea to designate a junk area, so that you avoid getting overwhelmed when you need to do a quick clean up! This can be especially important if you have children, because they can accumulate a lot of junk! Find a place in your home where you can store away large bins to temporarily store the things that you need to tidy up in a hurry for a last-minute showing. When doing a quick cleanup, put in bulky toys, messy papers and other items that collect around the house. Before you start having showings, go through your home and declutter each room. This will help keep the house looking great, and with less stuff, there’s less to clean! Remove the items you no longer use and either pass them on to a family member or donate them. For the things you want, but don’t need at the moment, pack them up and tuck them away into storage. Your house will also stay show-ready by having little extra touches around the house ready to impress at any time. So even if the house isn’t ‘perfect’ it’ll make the house seem clean and put together. Some examples of this are having a bowl of fresh fruit in the kitchen and vases with fresh cut flowers around the home. If you keep on top of the cleaning and organizing, you should feel less overwhelmed when it comes to showing your home to potential buyers. Try to organize daily so that it doesn’t start to get stressful when you have short notice for viewings.