Practising green habits goes beyond sorting your trash. Introducing new technologies can help reduce your carbon footprint and save you money. From smart thermostats to electric vehicle charging stations, integrating technology in the home can provide peace of mind.

Here the Electrical Safety Authority shares three ways to reduce your environmental impact using smart technology:

Heat your home efficiently. Choosing a wi-fi thermostat is both effective and efficient. These devices learn your schedule and preferences to optimize your energy usage and can help save money on your heating bill. But did you know there are electrical considerations to keep in mind when making the switch? Work with a licenced electrical contractor to make sure the proper voltage and wiring are used.

Light your way to cost savings. Replacing incandescent lightbulbs for LEDs will make a big impact on your monthly utility bill. Plus, with the addition of smart plugs, you can control them from anywhere to only have lights on when needed. While many of these smart gadgets are available online, they may or may not be approved for use in Canada. Look for a recognized certification mark to ensure they’re safe and have been properly inspected.

Fuel up on electric power. Beyond the home, consider further reducing emissions by making the switch to an electric vehicle. Not only are they a better option for the environment, they can also help save you money by not having to fill up at the pump. Depending on the existing electrical service to your home and the size of the charging system, a service upgrade may be required to increase the electrical service to your home to a minimum of 200 amps.

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