When renting out your home, perfecting the décor of your space is crucial as this greatly impacts your guests’ vacation experience. In fact, research from Booking.com revealed that 52 per cent prioritize spending money on experiences over material items when travelling, and 23 per cent of Canadian travellers value stylish interior design when picking their accommodations. Common fumbles that deter travellers from selecting a vacation or rental property include tired furniture, over-crowded space, small beds, bad lighting and ugly furnishings. Aesthetically pleasing interior design can create a more memorable experience for travellers, increasing your chances of return visitors and word-of-mouth referrals. The experts from The National Home Show and the GTA Home & Reno Show share key tips hosts can use when decorating their property:
  1. The bedroom is one of the most important rooms for guests, so invest in making the bed comfortable and inviting. Try layering the bed with blankets and pillows, making it easy for guests to layer up or down depending on their preferred temperature.
  2. Consider why guests are spending time in the locale of your property. If your home is next to the beach, install an outdoor shower for washing off sand or a shelf by the front door for storing beach towels, umbrellas and pool toys. A property near a ski resort would benefit from large closets for ski equipment to avoid clutter. Be prepared for those weekend trip warriors as research has found that over a third of travellers plan to take more short weekend trips in 2019.
  3. Guests typically decide on booking a property based on images, so investing in a professional photographer is worth it. Style and shoot the property as it will look when the guests arrive rather than using props or rented items to ensure your guests’ expectations are met.
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