If your closing day is fast approaching, the pressure is on to pack, wrap up loose ends and get your finances in order. While it can be a stressful time, tackling these tasks in an orderly fashion, without leaving everything to the last minute, will greatly reduce your stress level and help ensure that your next move is a happy one! Here are some tips for ensuring a stress-free moving day: Hire a reputable moving company well in advance, asking friends and family for recommendations. Get quotes from a few companies. Once you’ve chosen a mover, get everything in writing. Get packing. Collect necessary supplies and aim to pack two or three boxes every day during the month leading up to your move.  Have a few boxes set aside for last minute items from your bathroom, bedroom and kitchen. If you have children who will be changing school districts, notify their new school about their start date. It might help make the transition to your new community easier to get them signed up for the extra curricular activities that they’re used to. If you have pets, make arrangements for them on the day of the move, whether with a family friend or kennel. Be sure to organize important documents (passports, financial statements, vaccination records, etc.) and keep them in an easily accessible spot that you won’t forget. On moving day, keep house keys, alarm codes and garage door openers close by so you have them handy for passing on to the new owner. If you think ahead and start planning your moving steps, it will help you in the long run. Follow these steps in order to keep some of that moving stress off and get ready to enjoy your new home!