Why is my house so cold?

February is among Canada's coldest winter months. As such, Canadians spend as much time as possible hunkering down inside their homes, keenly awaiting the end of hibernation season. Unfortunately, the frigid temperatures can often sneak into our homes through air leaks. Our home is supposed to be a safe haven, and the last thing we need is a draft to disturb our family’s comfort. Preventable heat loss can be seriously frustrating. Instead of helplessly buying more blankets and watching energy bills soar from cranking up the thermostat, it’s time to find a more innovative solution. Luckily, homeowners can now successfully pin-point any heat loss issues in their homes thanks to an AmeriSpec infrared thermography inspection. An infrared thermography inspection is a non-invasive technique that uses thermographic imaging to detect heat and measure temperature distribution. This allows homeowners to successfully find the source of those pesky drafts, saving them both stress and money.

What is infrared thermography?

Infrared thermography is a safe and effective diagnostic tool that helps detect unseen issues inside of your home. As an object increases in temperature, it radiates more energy. Since all objects radiate heat in the form of infrared energy, thermography cameras can capture the unseen infrared electromagnetic waves emitted from an object with a temperature above absolute zero. The camera detects heat signatures and creates a gradient scale. Lighter colours signify areas that are warm and darker colours signify areas that are cool. The thermographic scanning then allows inspectors to identify thermal patterns that may indicate air leakages or abnormalities in your home. Infrared thermography is the best way for homeowners to make economic, realistic, and profitable choices for their property. Results come back in real-time too. Your results are immediate, allowing you to waste no time in working with our AmeriSpec team to find answers to whatever problems are discovered. With the conclusive accuracy attached to each test, you can quickly fix any issues at hand and save money on any more intrusive repairs needed. Infrared thermography will then help you in the long run, as the sooner these issues are detected, the sooner an ultimate solution can be applied.

How does infrared thermography help address heat loss in homes?

A thermography inspection can help address heat loss by quickly identifying the origin of those troublesome air drafts infiltrating your home. Air leaks in homes are commonly found in these locations:
  • Through and under doors, windows, and frames
  • Beside pipes
  • Under skirtings
  • Through electrical fittings
  • Between floorboards and key holes
  • In any other small gaps and cracks
Leaks waste energy and these common locations are small and hard to reach. By investing in thermography testing, you can quickly locate leaks that would normally be undetectable. Beyond the discomfort air leaks cause, they can also cause your energy bill to skyrocket. Increasing Canadian fuel costs make it more important than ever to identify energy loss resulting from air leaks in your home. The colder our home feels, the more we crank the thermostat, resulting in a higher bill to pay each month. Heating costs can be easily reduced by pinpointing the source of the energy loss with infrared thermography.

What else can infrared thermography help with?

Infrared thermography is a versatile tool that can help you combat more than just heat loss. By using this non-invasive thermal imaging technology, a certified thermographer can discover several other potential issues, including:


From hidden plumbing and roof leaks to wet insulation in basements, an infrared thermography inspection can save you money by detecting moisture. Mold loves moisture, so the quicker it’s conquered, the quicker you can avoid a hefty repair bill to remove it.

Energy loss

Whether you have poorly installed insulation or a damaged heating system, energy loss is more common than you may think. A weak thermal barrier could be what’s standing in between you and a warm house.

Electrical hotspots

Home electrical issues have serious repercussions if left uninspected. By using infrared thermography, you can quickly identify loose or deteriorated connections, overloaded circuits, imbalanced loads, open circuits, or grounding problems.

Pest identification

Infrared thermography can detect pests in your home too, like wood-destroying organisms. From termites to mice, an inspection can help save your foundation from further damage.

Trust AmeriSpec for your infrared thermography needs

AmeriSpec’s trusted thermographers will help you combat heat loss with an infrared thermography inspection. Heat loss can cause extreme discomfort, stress, and financial loss for you and your family. Select AmeriSpec locations offer these advanced infrared thermography services nationwide. Allow the AmeriSpec team to guide you through an inspection, pinpoint the problems, and advise you on your next steps. Book an inspection today.