Though it doesn't feel like spring, it is definitely here. And though it's been cooler than the usual average at this time of year, the warmer weather will definitely be greeting us soon, and you know what that means...spring cleaning! It’s time to inspect our home's exterior for damage and It’s also a great time to spruce up the yard and get early chores done, so your summer can be spent relaxing and enjoying the sunshine! One easy place to start is at the top - inspect your roof for any storm damage or loose shingles. Take a look at any caulking around vents and replace any that look cracked. This time of year, neighbourhood critters are looking for a nice place to raise a family— don’t let it be your attic! Seal any holes long before anyone moves in. If you suspect it’s already too late, contact a humane animal removal service to have unwelcome tenants relocated safely. Keep working your way down and power wash any siding, decks and patios to remove winter grime. Give your windows a good cleaning to let the sunshine in! Take a close look at decking and fencing. Replace any rotten spots and stain, paint or seal your wood to keep it beautiful. Don’t forget patio furniture. It will need a good cleaning and perhaps a lick of paint or stain to look its best for the summer. The lawn and garden need spring cleaning too. Rake up any dead leaves and cut back broken branches on shrubs and trees. Uncover shrubs and plants and give the beds a tidying up. Check on your tools and remove any rust. You’ll be amazed how much better your lawnmower works with a sharpened blade and how healthier your lawn is too! Plant spring bulbs and annuals after frost danger has passed. Once you’ve finished all your spring-cleaning, you can relax for the rest of the season. Now when the time comes, you can prop your feet up and enjoy your yard all summer long.