It’s clear! Window condensation is a problem for realtors.

It’s a myth that home sales are impossible during winter. With the added charm of the holidays and serious buyers continuing to search for their dream home, Canadian realtors should take every step necessary to always be closing. However, keep in mind that winter window condensation can quietly harm the value of a property. Moisture on windows in cold weather not only looks bad, but the presence of condensation can cause further damage to a property. Moisture on windows in winter hurts a home’s value. Sweating windows in winter can cause damage if left uninspected. An AmeriSpec pre-listing home inspection highlights any issues early on including water on windows in winter weather. Before you list, realtors should look to examine these issues with a proper home inspection conducted by AmeriSpec. These inspections can help realtors sell properties in a snap. Make the most out of each open house and command the highest price possible by conducting your due diligence with AmeriSpec.

Winter window condensation harms more than just homes

A newly listed property with cloudy windows doesn’t only harm a home but a realtor’s reputation too. Imagine being a prospective homebuyer in Canada and one of the first things you see is condensation on windows. Homebuyers have an expectation that if they are spending top dollar on a property, it should dazzle upon first inspection – even during winter. Condensation is not only an eyesore but a sign of other potential issues within the home. Homebuyers might adjust their offers with the caveat that they need to replace windows to ensure that the property is livable upon move-in. When humidity builds up in a home without proper ventilation, colder temperatures outside can damage a home’s window frames. Simple things like showering or cooking add moisture to the air of a home. When this meets a cold pane of glass, condensation develops. The results can be costly if left unaddressed. Over time, the home’s window frames may rot, mold may develop, and drywall damage may be caused. In the end, a homebuyer might need to put funds aside to address high condensation within a home. The most proactive realtors know that this is a potential disaster in the long-term, and that condensation within a home could discourage their clients from making an offer on the property.

Winter window condensation: Simple tips for realtors in Canada

In the pre-listing phase, the eyesore of window condensation can be addressed with a few simple tricks. While there are many ways to adjust the levels of moisture in a home, a full home inspection provided by AmeriSpec can spot any defects within a home before they grow into bigger problems.
  • Consider removing any plants throughout a home as a means of lowering the property’s humidity. Plants add moisture to their surroundings and should be removed before listing.
  • Install or replace exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathrooms of a home and ensure humid air has means of being ventilated outside. New homes are notorious for having insufficient ventilation. Some realtors should consider having proper bathroom fans installed before listing.
  • Move furniture away from windows to allow condensation to dry from the registers below. Run the furnace fan in conjunction with exhaust fans.
  • Install new storm windows or single-pane windows in areas of the home that are prone to condensation.
  • Keep all blinds and curtains fully open to promote proper airflow between different areas of a home.
  • Place a dehumidifier in especially moist areas of the home like a bathroom or basement. Dehumidifiers need to be emptied at least once per week and certain models can address high levels of moisture on an entire floor of a home.

Winter window condensation can appear on all types of windows

Condensation appearing between panes of glass is a sure sign of a broken seal within a window. This signifies that the window needs to be replaced. Double-paned windows have a lifespan and are likely in need of replacement when moisture develops between the two pieces of glass. Older homes with single-pane windows are more prone to the development of condensation, especially during the winter.

When you need a pre-listing home inspection, trust the professionals at AmeriSpec

Should you have concerns about the development of window condensation, address any issues head on with an AmeriSpec pre-listing home inspection. Our home inspections cover more than 1,000 checkpoints across approximately 400 items around a home – including its windows. A full and complete home inspection will reveal any issues within a home and ensure your property is suitable for sale at top dollar. Paint a clear picture for prospective buyers and ensure that your next property shines crystal clear. Find your local inspector and book your home inspection today.