Who can benefit from a Home Energy Evaluation?

Are you looking to have a Home Energy Evaluation performed? AmeriSpec Inspection Services offers these across the country through the EnerGuide for Houses and ENERGY STAR® Programs. Homeowners, home sellers, homebuyers and home builders can all benefit from a Home Energy Evaluation. In every case, our Natural Resources Canada trained, and licensed Home Energy Advisors can provide you with an EnerGuide Rating or ENERGY STAR® certification on any new or existing home. Not only that but also the valuable information you need on how to make it more energy-efficient while possibly accessing grants or rebates.

What Home Energy Evaluation credentials does AmeriSpec have?

AmeriSpec has been a Natural Resources Canada licensed Service Organization (SO) since 2001. Every single Energy Advisor on our team is licensed, trained, and held to the highest quality assurance and customer service standards. You can be sure that our staff are up to date with the most recent energy saving technologies and techniques. They can point you in the right direction when it comes to renovating your home to increase comfort and decrease energy costs. For every Home Energy Evaluation, it is our advisors’ goal to accurately assess all energy related components of a home. This includes all components of the building envelope and the mechanical equipment. After that, they use the most current building science to make sure their recommendations improve the efficiency, comfort, and performance of the home.

How does an AmeriSpec Home Energy Evaluation help?

For homeowners, home sellers, and homebuyers

Our Home Energy Evaluation determines the major areas of energy use and waste. It also offers suggestions on what steps can be taken to save hundreds of dollars annually in utilities.  Here are some of the potential key benefits of an AmeriSpec Home Energy Evaluation for homeowners, home sellers, and homebuyers:
  • Reduces high energy bills
  • Increases your home’s resale value
  • Helps eliminate uncomfortable or drafty areas of your home
  • Realizes energy savings in planned renovations or upgrades
  • Reduces your home’s carbon footprint
  • Can help you access grants or rebates
As part of each individual Home Energy Evaluation, AmeriSpec will provide an EnerGuide Energy Efficiency Evaluation Report. This includes:
  • Your home’s rating and an explanation of the rating system
  • A breakdown of the amount of energy your home will use for space heating, lighting, and appliances
  • Your home’s estimated annual energy usage for electricity, gas, or oil
  • Recommendations for improving your home’s EnerGuide Rating and the efficiency of the home

For home builders

AmeriSpec also assists home builders too. Our registered Energy Advisors can professionally examine architectural plans for new homes on behalf of some of Canada’s leading home builders. Our assessments often prove invaluable for builders looking to improve energy efficiency, air quality, comfort, and the lifespan of the home, as well as reducing corporate carbon footprints. Determining how energy-efficient new homes plans are, our advisors will also assess how the home compares to those built to the National Building Code. Depending on the market, we’ll certify eligible homes as ENERGY STAR® rated. Maximizing sales value, this status appeals to homebuyers who are seeking more durable and comfortable homes with reduced utility and maintenance costs.

The EnerGuide Rating Label explained

An EnerGuide Label provides a consumption-based rating measured in gigajoules per year (GJ/year). This is much like you would see the calories per serving for food, or miles per gallon for vehicles. One GJ is approximately equal to two propane tanks worth of energy. The lower the rating, the better energy performance of the home.

Home Efficiency Rebate Plus – Coming January 1, 2023

For Ontarians only, Home Efficiency Rebate Plus is a new partnership between Enbridge Gas and Canada’s Greener Homes Grant. Launching on January 1, 2023, the rebate will help more Ontarians save energy at home. As part of the program, there will be up to $10,000 available for Enbridge Gas customers, plus an additional $600 to offset the cost of an EnerGuide Energy Efficiency Evaluation. When the program launches in January 2023, all rebate amounts will be made available. Interested parties can sign up for Home Efficiency Rebate Plus updates here. In the meantime, for FAQs and guidance for those already enrolled in the Home Efficiency Rebate or the Canada Greener Homes Initiative, click here.

Oil to Heat Pump Affordability (OHPA) Grant – Coming January 1, 2023

For Canadians nationwide, the Oil to Heat Pump Affordability (OHPA) Grant also launches on January 1, 2023. As part of this program, there will be up to $5,000 available for low- to median- income households that make the switch from oil to heat pumps. Announced by Sean Fraser, the Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, on November 21, the grant will cover costs that include the purchase and installation of heat pumps, the electrical upgrades required, and the safe removal of homeowners’ oil tanks. For heat pump benefits, eligibility, and further application instructions, click here.

AmeriSpec can help you with grants and incentives

AmeriSpec can help you apply for available grants and incentives and from your province or local gas and electrical utilities. For instance, you can take advantage of the two new eagerly anticipated grants that are launching on January 1, 2023. When those grants launch, know that AmeriSpec’s EnerGuide Energy Efficiency Evaluation will help guide you in making energy-efficient retrofits as part of the grant programs. Contact your local AmeriSpec office to see what services and programs are available in your area and to book your next Home Energy Evaluation.