Sorry, homeowner. Don’t blame your inspector for problems arising a year after purchase.

My water pump and water tank went out. I have been in my house only a year. I have no home warranty insurance. Whose responsibility is it to replace it? I did have a home inspection done. Also how do I go about getting my money back from the home inspector?

We hate to say this, but you are responsible for replacing the water pump and water tank. As a homeowner you now have responsibility for maintaining and keeping the home in tiptop shape. Things break. Things go wrong. They have to be fixed. Maintenance and repair are a big part of homeownership.

You can’t blame your home inspector for these issues. The items you mentioned seemed to have worked for the first year you lived in the home. The inspector didn’t tell you that they would work forever. He probably gave you a report that indicated that these items were in working order at the time of the inspection. Pumps, appliances, furnaces, air-conditioning units, washing machines, dishwashers and other items can go at any time [more].

Washington Post