We all want our guests to think that our rooms could easily be included in the pages of a magazine. But a complete overhaul can be pricey and time-consuming, and isn’t a realistic option for most of us. Trick your friends and family into thinking you had an expensive renovation anyway with these creative tips that tell you which areas to focus on to get the most bang for your buck.

Crown molding: Known as jewellery for the walls, nothing says classic sophistication like crown moulding. This inexpensive, DIY-friendly project is an easy way to transform any room. Achieve a custom-made look by layering store-bought moldings and place them at the top of walls and around entryways to draw the eye upwards and visually heighten your space.

Organize: Baskets are your best friends. Hide unsightly clutter and find things more easily by housing all your things in a dedicated container. A gorgeous, antique-look wicker chest or basket can conceal kids’ toys, extra linens or the remotes for all your gadgets. You’ll be amazed at the difference replacing your mess with beautiful things can make.

Clean up: Don’t just put away all your stuff. Do a deep cleaning of every room — move your stove, bookcases and other furniture and appliances you wouldn’t clean around normally. Polish your floors with a product made especially for hardwood or ceramic, and hire a professional to steam clean your carpets.

Window treatments: Well-designed window fashions that are tailored to fit your specific window dimensions lend a flawless, expensive look to any room. Be sure to hang window treatments from the ceiling instead of where the window begins to make the room look larger and grander.

Courtesy of www.newscanada.com