Buying or selling a home can be a time-consuming, confusing, stressful and emotionally charged event. Leaning on someone who does this for a living, has gone through the process countless times and also continuously upgrades their skills through education is the logical choice.

Real estate professionals are licensed and must abide by the Canadian Real Estate Association’s Code of Ethics. It’s peace of mind for homeowners, giving them recourse through a provincial regulator should something go awry. Also, having access to the MLS system means maximum exposure to a bevy of buyers and sellers. This usually means a quicker sale or buy for you and that’s a huge weight off anyone’s shoulders.

With an objective eye and a keen ear, real estate professionals can help you put your home in the best light or find a home that fits your needs, budget and personal preferences. And when it comes to negotiating, this objectivity and experience is invaluable. REALTORS are indispensible in smoothing things out between both parties. Plus, they are experts at finding and translating the fine print on legal documents that would normally boggle the rest of us.

More than 80 per cent of buyers and sellers hire a real estate professional, and those who go it alone, often wish they had hired one. Without insight into the market conditions, do-it-yourselfers are often guessing at list prices and typically undervalue their home or price it too high and drive away potential buyers.

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