You’ve fallen in love with a beautiful home. Maybe it’s a lovingly restored older property or a terrific newer home with a great addition or finished basement. It’s perfect…or so it seems. How can you be sure if the renovations were done properly? How can you see into the walls to be sure everything is up to code and completely safe?

Of course, the first step is hiring the right home inspector. An AmeriSpec home inspector, for example, will provide a thorough visual evaluation of the home. But even a qualified home inspector doesn’t have x-ray vision. They can’t see inside finished spaces to see what’s going on inside the walls with the electrical, plumbing or heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) services.

Home VerifiedFortunately, there’s Home Verified. And AmeriSpec is one of the first home inspection companies in Canada to provide this service to its clients. Home Verified pulls all the building permits issued on a property for any additions or renovations in the home’s entire history. Home Verified will be able to tell you if there has ever been insurance claims for a flood, sewer back-up or fire. Home Verified can also tell you if there was ever a grow operation for drugs in the home—a major issue for moisture damage, mould and other concerns.

Although home inspectors and homeowners can contact the municipality and ask for copies of building permits, this can be time consuming and will not necessarily be complete. It may also take more time than is available in the home purchase agreement. According to Jeffrey Brookfield, business development consultant at AmeriSpec, “a Home Verified report provides this information instantaneously to the AmeriSpec home inspector.”

Home Verified offers a comprehensive report to potential homeowners providing, along with the home inspection, a complete review of a property, as well as an explanation as to what can and can’t be seen. And, as a homebuyer, if you don’t see a permit and a final inspection for that terrific new addition (electrical, plumbing and HVAC), it’s a red flag that the construction may not have been done right and certainly not by a licensed professional. It may be time to fall in love with a different home!

If you’re buying a home, protect your future investment by making sure that everything you see—and don’t see!—was completed to building code and safety standards. Contact your local AmeriSpec office for more information. For a location near you, visit