88405HLED lights are best known for being energy efficient, but they’re also a stylish choice. Whether you love the traditional look of an incandescent bulb or you’re decorating for a special occasion, there’s an LED light that fits the (energy) bill.

Choose your colour temperature. Love the glow of old-fashioned incandescent bulbs? Choose an LED bulb with a Kelvin value of around 2,700k to 3,000k. These bulbs bring a feeling of warmth to a space while reducing your energy use. For a cool white light, pick an LED bulb between 4,000k and 5,500k. These lights are a great choice for bathrooms because they mimic natural daylight.

Multi-colour. You don’t have to settle for plain white. Choose coloured LED bulbs to quickly transform your space for a special occasion, such as blue for a winter wonderland-themed party. Smart LED bulbs let you change the colour at any time using your smartphone, so your blue lights can become white once your guests leave.

On-trend industrial. If you’re a fan of the industrial look of Edison bulbs, your wallet will be happy to know they’re now available as LEDs, giving you better longevity while staying cool to the touch. Edison bulbs are clear with a visible filament, bringing an on-trend industrial style to your décor.

LED fixtures. LED lights last so long they now come built into fixtures. This is a time-saving and cost-efficient way to upgrade your light fixtures to a more modern design while also updating your lights.

Source: www.homedepot.ca and www.newscanada.com