Congratulations! You’ve purchased a new home and moving day is almost here! But before that day comes along, there are quite a few tasks still ahead of you that should be taken care of early to make the transition to your new home a smooth one. The less things to worry about, the better. Here are some reminders to add to your to-do list:

1. Forward your mail. It’s so easy to do online or in person at your local post office. It will also give you peace of mind knowing there won’t be any interrupted mail delivery. Go to the Canada Post website to get started at

2. Call your utility companies and let them know of the move. You’ll need to call your current utility companies to cancel or move your current services. There may be fees associated with this, especially if you’re not moving a service, but becoming a new account holder. Also, if you are cancelling services, ideally you should do this more than a month in advance of closing so you are not on the hook for another month’s services. Some companies even need an email with a written statement to cancel services, so keep the timing in mind.

3. Internet/phone/cable. Just like the utility companies, be aware of payment schedules and let them know of the move or any cancellations as early as possible.

4. Start moving things into storage and start packing as early as possible. This way you’re not rushing to get things out of the house and have time to declutter and pack properly. For those that have moved more than once, you know that by the end, you are just trying to move things as quickly as possible – packing whatever you can in boxes and bags – just to make the deadline. It can be very stressful if you leave it to the end. This way, you have time to label and package things properly.

5. Hire a cleaning service for your new home before you move in. One more thing you won’t have to do and you can focus on unpacking. You’ll love walking into a freshly cleaned new home!

6. If your new home needs updates or renovations (flooring, stairs, etc.), then have painters and contractors complete the work before you move in. Sometimes this isn’t possible but if it is, it will feel wonderful walking into a fresh new home. Of course, you’ll need alternate living arrangements if the renos are extensive, so that will need some planning as well. People have good intentions of doing a lot of these things themselves but get overwhelmed once they do move-in, so hiring professionals to do the job will help you focus on enjoying your new home.

To help you plan, get a free copy of your Moving Checklist courtesy of AmeriSpec Inspection Services here.