Life can be noisy, but your home doesn’t need to be. Traffic and everyday noise from plumbing, HVAC systems and household appliances are just some of the sounds that invade your peace and comfort. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce unwanted noise without a major renovation. Start by eliminating air leaks around doors and windows with weatherstripping and rubber gaskets around exterior door sills and frames.

“Noise reduction is a significant issue for single-family residences. A home’s fibreglass insulation helps reduce noise but most is placed in exterior walls even though noise transmitted from room to room can be the biggest nuisance,” explains Damon Bennett, a home renovation expert. He recommends insulating floor and ceiling joist cavities to reduce airborne and household impact noise, and wrapping pipes with fibreglass insulation to deaden structure-borne noise.

To absorb interior noise, exchange hollow interior doors with solid wood doors. Upholstered furniture, heavy window curtains or draperies, and bookcases full of books all help muffle sound. Bare wood and laminate floors can be noisy, so soften them with carpeting or area rugs. Mute vibration from stereos and appliances by moving them a couple of inches away from walls and placing cork or rubber pads under legs.

“When home renovation clients need solutions that decrease room to room noise transmission, I use CertainTeed NoiseReducer insulation,” Bennett says. “Made especially for wood stud construction, it breaks the path of sound vibration and absorbs noise. It is ideal for home offices, media rooms, adjoining walls of semi-detached houses, and creating quieter bedrooms for a peaceful night’s sleep.”

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