Many of us feel a desire to get involved socially. Whether it’s by regularly visiting seniors or by helping to collect funds for a pediatric hospital, there are several ways you can make an impact in your community. If you don’t know where to start, below are some ideas from SSQ Insurance.

1. Choose a cause that’s dear to you. Do sick children, abandoned animals or the impacts of climate change particularly move you? Choosing a cause that you feel is important to endorse can truly make a difference, all while creating a sense of gratitude and accomplishment.

2. Look at your schedule. Each of us has obligations that can vary throughout the yea, so. take a moment to evaluate the realistic amount of time you can invest in supporting your selected cause in the long term. You don’t want your commitment to turn into a burden. A good assessment of your honest capabilities will enable you to get fully involved based on your availability.

3. Get informed. Attend local information sessions to discover unique ways of getting involved. In the process you can meet like-minded individuals, learn about different causes and ask questions. All this information will help you decide which cause and organization are right for you.

4. Get involved. Once the first three steps have been completed, you are ready to get involved in a cause that drives you.

5. Invite your friends and acquaintances. Social involvement encourages people to come together and help each other. Using this opportunity to invite your loved ones to gather and also support your cause is a good way to extend the reach of your good deeds and create an altruistic community movement.