Creating a home environment where your family can flourish is a central goal for all of us. Using innovative tools that provide protection and create a clean space can help ensure a vibrant home and family life.

Look for tools that are trustworthy, reliable and customizable to fit your family’s lifestyle and that are easy to use and integrate into your existing space. Here are some great options for tools that will add pride to your home.

Vacuum vibrantly. Homeowners seeking innovative technology should look no further than central vacuums. Designed with powerful suction, lightweight versatile convenience and durability, central vacuum systems help remove dirt, debris and allergens, allowing you to breathe easy and enjoy your home and each other. Central vacuum systems from Beam feature a variety of best-in-class powerheads, hoses, tools and attachments to allow you to customize for your own needs. In addition, central vacuums install easily in most existing homes and new builds.

Cook creatively. It has never been easier for at-home chefs to cook like the pros with enhanced kitchen tools. Upgraded quality, sleek designs and inventive technologies abound in a wide variety of products for grilling, blending, smoking and everything in-between. Create gourmet meals based on your family’s personal tastes with the help of high-tech blenders, ovens, precision cookers, accessories and more, and take your cooking capabilities to the next level.

Alarm absolutely. Smart meets safety in the latest smoke, carbon monoxide, environment and security alarms. Protecting homeowners from a variety of threats, the new era of easy-to-use and connected products creates peace of mind while the family is both home and away. Many models feature voice and location technology as well as integration with apps and smart devices for a truly customizable experience.

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