Over time, the holidays have become for many of us a synonym for consumption. This year, try to celebrate the joy of the season while caring for people and the planet.

1. Decorating. Replace your traditional tree with a real tree in a pot that you will be able to plant in the garden when spring comes, or keep it on your balcony and reuse next year. Or consider switching up your plastic ornaments with homemade gingerbread cookies and popcorn or cranberry garlands.

2. Holiday cards. Have the kids make some holiday cards, buy recycled fibre cards or send virtual wishes.

3. Gift wraps. Reuse nice fabric, magazines or the cartoon pages of your daily edition to wrap fragile items. Save the bows and ribbons to reuse on other occasions.

4. Giving. Go to your favourite sustainable neighbourhood shop to buy something local or buy a Unicef Survival Gift and provide kids around the world with vital supplies such as blankets, therapeutic food, vaccines, clean water and educational items.

Source: www.newscanada.com