Having a difficult time finding appliances that exude that sleek and sophisticated look? You can now create the modern vibe you’re looking for with new designs that come with opportunities for customization. Check out ways the latest innovations are changing the trend and design game.

Make a statement. Achieving that modern aesthetic likely means using a lot of greys, whites and blacks. Find appliances that keep the flow of the room by opting for a black stainless steel finishes. You can find refrigerators, coffee machines, stoves and ovens that incorporate the material or are completely black.

Pristine finishes. The last thing you want to worry about is fingerprints that will make your new appliances look used and dated. Opt for a finish that is smudge and fingerprint resistant. You will save time by not having to wipe them down as often as you once did.

By simply taking a cloth to these appliances, you can bring them back to their original lustre. This is quick and effective so that you don’t have to dedicate your time to a big kitchen clean before hosting your next party.