Furnace maintenance

To prep your furnace for the cold days ahead, take a few simple steps to ensure that you protect your indoor air quality and keep your furnace running at its most efficient. Here are some tips to help you get started!

1. Book your annual furnace cleaning. If you have a furnace protection plan, an annual cleaning might be included, so it’s worth checking. Professional furnace inspectors are a worthwhile investment. Natural gas or oil-fired furnaces are complex pieces of equipment and should be professionally inspected and cleaned annually to ensure no dangerous gases are leaking into your home.

2. Change or clean the furnace filter. Keeping the filter clean will help your furnace run at peak efficiency. You may also want to vacuum out the vents and cold air returns. Once you turn the furnace on, all the dust and pet hair that accumulated in the vents will be blown into the air.

3. Inspect the area around your furnace. Make sure the furnace has space to breathe and keep all combustibles a safe distance away.

4. Now is a great time to check out programmable thermostats. These handy devices can save you quite a bit of cash over the heating season by allowing you to program different temperatures to set your furnace at different times of the day. If you’re out of the house weekdays, set the temperature a few degrees lower. When you get home, the thermostat program will already have raised the temperature to your preset comfort level. At night, you may want to set the temperature a little lower as well, keeping the house cooler while you’re snuggled under blankets.