Canadians spend an average 90% of their time indoors and yet many Canadians have no idea if the air we’re breathing contains anything harmful. Even if the particles are too small to see, they may still affect your health. An air quality test allows you to determine what possible harmful irritants are in the air you’re breathing every day, allowing you to make home renovations that will benefit your health.

Why should i be concerned about the quality of my air?

Mould is a naturally occurring fungus that looks like a dark smudge or stain. Smelling musty, it grows indoors and out. Types include mildew, yeast and mushrooms, and all are especially hazardous inside homes. Mould grows indoors due to condensation, flooding, high humidity, and water leaks. Ultimately, mould grows in damp, wet, and poorly ventilated spaces. Asthma, allergies, and various other respiratory illnesses may be caused by hazardous substances in the air you breathe. Even if you keep an immaculate home free of dust or fur on your furniture, you may still be breathing potentially dangerous particles that are circulating in your home. These irritants range from minor things such as dust or animal dander, to more major ones such as mould or chemical vapours created by building materials or furnishings. Mould in buildings can lead to allergy and asthma symptoms, respiratory ailments, and can cause eye, skin, and lung irritations, as well as headaches and fatigue. Some buildings or homes can contain lead from your paint or plumbing. The materials used to build the space may contain asbestos or mould.

I own a newer house. Should i still be concerned?

Even with a newer home, an air quality test is still a good idea. Newer homes often have very poor air quality. When building newer homes, the focus is often on energy efficiency, which sometimes results in fresh air not circulating through your home as easily. This greatly deteriorates the air quality and the health benefits of clean indoor air.

How can I get an air quality test?

If you ignore excessive mould build-up in your home, health risks include: Just because these dangers can’t be seen, doesn’t mean that you can’t protect yourself against them. You can book an Indoor Air Quality Test Service with AmeriSpec. Professional, certified inspectors will conduct a thorough investigation of all environmental threats that may be in your home. These threats include:
  • Indoor air quality including airborne particles and airborne chemicals
  • Mold
  • Asbestos
  • Lead
  • Radon

Why should I choose AmeriSpec for my air quality test?

Our unique air quality monitor measures the air in your home, office, or any other building space you’d like to measure. It ensures the healthiest of environments for you and the other occupants of the space. Our air quality monitor measures for: · Carbon monoxide · Carbon dioxide· Airborne dust · Airborne chemicals · Humidity · Temperature After we test the air quality of your space, we’ll submit a comprehensive report that details the various contaminant levels and provide you with recommendations for improvement. You can book an Indoor Air Quality test today by contacting AmeriSpec at 1-866-284-6010, or