The Greener Homes Grant: Make your home more energy-efficient today

The Canadian government wants homeowners across the nation to make their homes more energy-efficient with the Greener Homes Grant. The program incentivizes Canadians to make energy-efficient adjustments and retrofits to their homes – offering up to $5,000 in grants, plus $600 for the cost of the evaluations. By taking advantage of these grants, not only will you save money now, but you’ll also save money on heating and cooling your home for years to come.

AmeriSpec will help you take advantage of the Greener Homes Grant

AmeriSpec can provide you with an EnerGuide Energy Efficiency Evaluation. This will help guide you in making energy-efficient retrofits as part of the grant program. To begin the process, visit the Greener Homes Grant portal, and select AmeriSpec of Canada as your service organization when you complete the application form.  AmeriSpec employs highly skilled NRCan Registered Energy Advisors that are trained to best serve homeowners across Canada. Follow these simple steps and learn how AmeriSpec can help homeowners take advantage of the Canada Greener Homes Grant:
  1. Go online to the Canada Greener Homes Grant portal to register and book a pre-retrofit evaluation with AmeriSpec. Be sure to select AmeriSpec of Canada as your Service Organization.
  2. An AmeriSpec Energy Advisor will contact you and book a time for your EnerGuide pre-retrofit evaluation. You can also call your local AmeriSpec branch to book the evaluation.
  3. Plan for, document, and successfully complete your home retrofits after receiving your EnerGuide Evaluation directly within the portal. You will need to complete at least one retrofit that was recommended by the Energy Advisor.
  4. Once the retrofits have been completed, book a post-retrofit evaluation and submit all required documents online through the portal or by mail. You can apply for reimbursement directly from the Canadian government.  

Learn what home improvements are eligible

There are a number of available retrofits for Canadians that can be reimbursed by the Greener Homes Grant, including:
  • An update or improvement to a home’s insulation in places that could include attics, exterior walls, exposed flooring, basements, and crawlspaces – up to $5,000.
  • Air sealing around the home, which can improve the building’s air tightness and help to achieve air-change rate targets – up to $1,000.
  • Replacement of windows and doors with ENERGY STAR® certified models – up to $5,000.
  • The addition of a smart thermostat to help manage a home’s temperature during both peak and off-hours – up to $50 if paired with another eligible retrofit.
  • Installing new or improved energy-efficient heating equipment – up to $5,000.
  • The addition of renewable energy solar panels that can convert natural sunlight into energy – up to $5,000.
  • The addition of home resiliency measures for any home that is vulnerable to challenging climates – up to $2,625.
Book an EnerGuide Energy Efficiency Evaluation with AmeriSpec’s professional home inspection team. It’ll begin the process of making your home more energy-efficient while helping you to reduce your carbon footprint. If you have any questions or require any further information, don’t hesitate to get in contact with your nearest AmeriSpec branch.