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Many people are finding themselves with much more time on their hands this summer. We like to think that idle… Read More
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Wet basements and foundations: 5 things every realtor or homebuyer should know You don’t need to live in Venice to… Read More
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Canadians spend an average 90% of their time indoors and yet many Canadians have no idea if the air we’re… Read More
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Spring cleaning season is on the way. A time of year where Canadians turn their homes upside down, this is… Read More
March 4, 2020 All Posts SHARE »
Air quality should be a top priority for all homeowners. Ensure you and your family are living and breathing inside… Read More
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Winter is when Canadians heat their home the most. Sure, it’s a necessity at this time of year but who… Read More
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What to look for when buying a house — and what not to do. Source: HomeLogic The only thing more… Read More
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Source: HouseLogic Here’s how to customize your house with your own personality and charm.

Buying a home makes you the… Read More
Advice for Agents Source: REM online Home staging is all about depersonalizing and adding some new things to make a… Read More
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Adopt a few of these home tips to find a bit more cash each month. Your house gives you so… Read More
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