88654HOn average, a Canadian home burns every 55 seconds. Risk of fire is especially heightened during the holiday season, when cooking and the use of electrical equipment are at their peak.

Stay safe throughout the holidays and always by incorporating these key safety tips:

1. Preparation is key. Make sure your home is equipped with fire-detecting devices and alarms, as they’ll alert you of a fire in time to get to safety and help prevent devastating damage. Ensure your home is equipped with working smoke detectors and has a fire extinguisher.

2. Sufficient coverage. Check your insurance coverage to ensure you have adequate coverage for your home and belongings. Consult your insurance provider to make sure you have the home coverage you require.

3. Kitchen safety. Cooking is the leading cause of home fires, and it’s easy to get distracted in the kitchen when entertaining. Fifty per cent of kitchen fires result from grease or oil, causing the fastest-spreading and most destructive type of fire. Never leave the kitchen when cooking, but if you absolutely need to leave the room, carry a kitchen spoon that will serve as a reminder that you’re in the midst of preparing a meal.

4. Heating appliances. It’s tempting to use heating appliances when the temperature drops. If you do pull out that space heater, make sure it’s certified by a recognized testing agency and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations on keeping it away from objects that may be combustible.

5. Power strips. Between decorations and adding extra lighting for your party, you might have to use your electrical outlets at full capacity. Be sure to avoid overloading outlets and covering them with fabric or rugs.

Source: www.newscanada.com