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There are two kinds of renters in Canada – those who have tenants insurance and those who don’t. According to… Read More
June 21, 2017 All Posts, Homeowner Tips, Real Estate SHARE »
Environmentally friendly practices are trending everywhere — from our food to our clothing to our homes. Improved practices in the… Read More
Life can be noisy, but your home doesn’t need to be. Traffic and everyday noise from plumbing, HVAC systems and… Read More
June 16, 2017 All Posts, Homeowner Tips SHARE »
Kitchens are high-traffic rooms that need exceptional flooring. Besides having to look good, successful kitchen floors need to withstand spills,… Read More
Need more living space in your home? Look up! If you have an unfinished third floor that you just aren’t… Read More
Most conscientious homeowners look to maximize the curb appeal of their home. “First impressions are lasting ones,” explains Marian Barry,… Read More
You find the home of your dreams, do your due diligence and have a home inspection completed…and then promptly forget… Read More
It’s never too late to take some extra measures to protect your home, especially those who reside in flood-prone areas.… Read More
May 9, 2017 All Posts, Home & Garden, Homeowner Tips SHARE »
At this early stage in the season, trees and shrubs are still budding, your gardens are rather barren and you… Read More
Children are full of surprises. From your heart to your home, they sure do make an impact. If there’s room… Read More
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