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Buying a new home has many advantages, including being able to enjoy the newest in appliances, finishes, and building innovations.… Read More
Can you think of any device in your home that works 24/7 for 365 days a year that doesn’t eventually… Read More
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Looking for a newly-built home is both a stressful and an exciting endeavour — but it shouldn’t be a dangerous… Read More
Home inspections have become commonplace in the Ontario real estate industry. In fact, many deals hinge on the completion of… Read More
A warm, comfortable finished basement is a great feature that adds value to your home. But too few owners realize… Read More
Did you know that not all electrical outlets are made equal? If not installed correctly or used for the right… Read More
While new homes are being built to be more energy efficient than ever before, thanks to a growing green building… Read More
Winter can be tough on many parts of a home — our windows, porches, and driveways take quite a beating… Read More
Your carbon monoxide alarm is beeping occasionally. You feel no symptoms and have determined it’s not an emergency. The battery… Read More
You may be tempted to forego a home inspection if you’re buying in a competitive market, especially when multiple offers… Read More
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